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     Evangelist Dave Kistler was called to  preach  at  the  age of 17. Having grown up in a pastor’s home, and coming to Christ at the age of 5, Evangelist Kistler, as a high school student felt a strong pull toward the legal profession. It was during his junior year in  high  school,  that  Brother Kistler gave up a focus toward secular law, and yielded  to  proclaim  God’s  law.  Upon  completion  of  his  undergraduate  and  graduate  training, Evangelist Kistler and his  wife  Betsy,  entered  into  a  two-year  youth  ministry in Tampa Florida.

     It was during that time that the Lord began working strongly on Dave’s heart, drawing him toward the field of evangelism. After yielding to serve the Lord in  full  time evangelism, the Kistlers moved to North Carolina to establish a base of operation  and  began traveling across the United States as well as overseas. Over the last 16 years,  the  Kistlers  have  crossed  the  United  States 15 times, east to west, proclaiming the gospel  of  Jesus  Christ.  In  addition,  they  have  also  traveled  extensively in England, France, Belgium, Scotland, Wales,  Canada,  the  West Indies and Mexico. Betsy Kistler is an accomplished pianist as  well  as  being  a  writer  and  arranger  of  music.  Numbers  of her original compositions are now being used in churches across the  states. The Kistlers home school their three children, all of whom are accomplished violinists.  The  Kistler’s  ministry takes them to approximately 42 local churches and six city-wide crusades each year.
          Changed Lives.....
“....Iím sure you hear all the time how your family has blessed someone, but I want to also tell you just how the Lord is working through you. I’m 37 years old raising 3 teens by myself. Well, not by myself. The Lord is doing it really and truly. See, 3 years ago this Tuesday I caught my husband in adultery and I tried to stab him to death. We had been going to church for about six months. My husband had even “gotten saved”. I thought our lives were really changing. Our boys grew up in church but me and Dad didn’t go regularly. So, my husband left myself and 3 boys and over $100,000 dollars in debt, and I wasn’t working. I had to file bankruptcy and move into a one bedroom house.
     Over the last 3 years the Lord has picked me up so many times I can’t even count. My oldest son is in college now to become a missionary, but I really want to thank you and the Lord for the work done this week is nothing more than a miracle of God. My 15 year old son made a confession that he will go if the Lord so sees fit. And my 13 year old was telling his uncle what he understood from one of the nightly messages.
     In other words, your messages have changed not only my life and gave so much hope that I praise the Lord for what changes have occurred in my boys’ life. May God bless each of you and bless you to see souls saved.”

“.....Last night during the invitation, I prayed the prayer to allow me to witness to at least one person in the next 60 days. And at 3:18PM today (less than 24 hours after my prayer), I got my chance!! A man who heads the cleaning crew here at my place of employment was dusting in my cube. And he said to me, how are you doing today? And I replied “Better than I deserve. Do you know what I mean?” He looked at me for a second and then said, “You know, its all by God’s grace that we are here”. So then I said to him, “We are all ‘better than we deserve’. We don’t deserve to breathe let alone be sitting here talking - God blesses us with so much and we realize so little.” He then said, “You sound like a believer. Let me ask you this, ‘Do you think we can have eternal life on this Earth’?” I then told him “We have eternal life the moment we are saved.” I then told him about the Rapture and he had never heard of it!!
     My opportunity will continue – we will be having lunch next week – pray that this man can get a clear understanding of the Gospel!!”

“.....We were greatly blessed to have you all at our church recently. Our hearts were touched and challenged by the messages in Word and song. I believe this was the best attended and spiritual revival we have seen here at our local church. May God richly bless you and your family.”

“.....Your family has been a tremendous blessing in our lives. We are members of a local church and just spent a week of revival with you and revival in my soul it was. I have been a member there for nearly 15 years and I have never seen the altar be full night after night as it was during that week. God has TRULY given you a gift to deliver his word and your wife and children are extraordinarily talented with their music. I am a preacher’s kid myself and have listened to many men of God preach his word but by far you are one of the finest preachers I have had the privilege to hear. I pray that God would abundantly bless you and your family and that he will give you the means necessary to continue delivering the gospel.”

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